Double wall pipelines

Double wall pipelines with water or steam heating jacket are mainly used for trasfering medium in high temperature.

Double wall pipelines are used:

  • in confectionery to transfer chocolate in c.a. 55'C, creams, filling mass, caramel etc.
  • cosmetics to transfer ointments, creams, pastes etc.
  • chemicals,
  • other.

    We offer prefabication and assemble of pipelines with different nominal diameters.


  • flanges - flange PN10, loose flange,
  • thread - screw union according to DIN11851.


  • internal pipe AISI304, AISI316,
  • outer pipe AISI304.

    Heat supplying pipelines:

  • made of copper,
  • made of AISI304, weld or thread connection,
  • elastic hoses PATHOS high pressure and temperature resistant,
  • elastic hoses in stainless steel wire coat,
  • screwed unions 3/4".


 See also executed project and our reference list.

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