We offer design and selection:
  • filtration system for process water,
  • steam generator,
  • reactors with the volume of 0,5m³ to 20m³ made of stainless steel,
  • storage vessels with the volume 0,5m³ to 20m³ made of stainless steel,
  • product, steam, water pipelines etc.
  • auxiliary devices made of carbon steel, stainless steel,
  • Control and Measurment Instruments fit to food industry requirements,
  • thermal insulations,
  • automation and control.


Heating and cooling pipelines in technical and production facilities:

  • chillers, steam boilers, air treatment equipment,
  • valves regulating, overflow, cutoff,
  • pipelines made of stianless steel and carbon steel,
  • thermal insulations.


CIP/SIP systems:

  • skidy CIP/SIP mobile or stationary skid,
  • CIP/SIP pielines.



  • switching panels,
  • operating platoforms,
  • pipeline brackets,
  • supporting structures.